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January 12, 2013
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Codie the Coatimundi by reckIess Codie the Coatimundi by reckIess
I greatly appreciate all comments and I respond to each and every one. Please take the time to leave one!

Yep. I got a Coatimundi pelt. Saw him on eBay and after 7 days of pondering on him and stressing over him, I decided I must have him! I love him already (he's currently warming my lap) <3

You should have seen me on the eBay listing. I BARELY got him. I up-bid the other guy's automatic bid at the VERY last second. And then sobbed because of the stress LOL. I shouldn't be allowed to eBay. Ever.

He is very strange too! He smells just like the Pronghorn face did after I got him from *Zhon... and he feels very odd too! I've never felt a coati before. He's... soft but rough-furred. And his fur has such glorious colors! A yellow stripe down his back and white around his eyes and nose! And those claws and horrendously long tail! Whoa! (I do love it though ehehehe.)


Photograph Bailee Danielle
My coatimundi was not specifically killed to belong to me but he was hunted in Arizona.
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urbanarthermit Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is the reason I was so wary about making a deviant art account because of people who are so negative. I personally don't have much pelts except for my muskrat pelt and 2 beaded very old mink pelts. I am more into claws and teeth and ivory. I collect pre ban ivory and I don't support poaching at all. My favorite ivory are sperm whale teeth and I know for a fact they were never hunted for their ivory teeth. I have other ivory and many claws and teeth but I was honestly kind of afraid to start an account on here due to the fact that people who think you are evil because you collect things from an animal and I read a lot of messages on here also (many of them were extremely negative for the people who don't like what they see on this website). Eventually I decide to give it a shot so I just made mine about a little over a week ago, one thing is for certain though, for those of you who don't agree with taxidermy and animal parts ( IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN DONT LOOK) its rather simple but yet people come on here anyway to make a fuss about it and that is just really annoying.
KaoriKnight216 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
I cringed & felt a twist in my stomach when I saw this pic. I actually have a pet coatimundi & this is just awful....Honestly, I can't believe how heartless people can be. I'd like to see someone kill you & mount you on the wall or use you as a rug. Then maybe others will tell them how absolutely adorable you look.

oneeyedwolf17 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
if you are going to be mean then just dont say anything.
reckIess Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Photographer
And let me ask you this- what gives YOU the right to keep a wild animal as a pet? Don't you think that is rather cruel? I feel sick at the thought of you having a poor wild animal in a cage instead of the happy life it should be living in the wild! I'd like to see someone cage you & lock you in an enclosure or in someone's house. Then maybe others will tell them how adorable you look in a cage!

How does that feel? How would you like it if I attacked you for your beliefs? Threatened you? Were awful rude to you? It's not nice is it?
(Also, know that I do support responsible exotic pet ownership, but I want you to understand that you're jumping to conclusions and being a pretty awful person about all of this.)

I apologize for the sadness you feel about this. Trust me, I would rather Codie be alive than a pelt on my wall (but I really wouldn't have the means to care for a living one). 
I did not kill this poor bugger, but when I saw him on eBay, I knew I had to get him and save him from being cut up or ending up with someone who would not love him and appreciate the life he lived.

He is not a rug. He is not being disrespected. His beauty is being remembered for the life he lived.
I love him as much as you probably love your coati- who is probably absolutely lovely (may I ask what kind?).
But what you have said to me is considered a threat and I very well could report you for saying as such (it is very illegal as well- what you suggested).
I am connected spiritually with my pelts- animals that I know lived a life and I appreciate everything about them, so I take great offense to what you have said.

The thing is, I know you're upset, but you have no right to try and call me out on it. 
I have three rabbits and I don't call out people who eat rabbit meat. Or mount them. Chickens too- and they're all my babies.
Do you eat meat? Do you have leather shoes? A leather sofa?
If you are not vegan completely (which is impossible anyway, there is hidden animal parts in EVERYTHING), you have no right to say anything to me, just because you have a pet coatimundi.
What is the difference between any other animal and a coatimundi- which is technically a wild animal? Nothing. I believe in animal equality, the meat I eat and taxidermy, etc, as long as they do not suffer and are not abused in any way- which I doubt Codie was. 
Most hunters/trappers truly love animals and do their best to avoid causing the animal pain. They also do their best to assure the animal lives it's life to the fullest.
KaoriKnight216 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
I'm sorry, I honestly couldnt help myself. My coatimundi is the second most important thing/person in my life. I care very dearly for her & couldn't imagine my life without her. I just couldn't stand how everyone was admiring how "beautiful" this animal was when it was dead & lifeless...It seems like someone would much rather fawn over the beauty of life. I doubt half the people that purchase these know how they died. I am not vegan. I understand if you killed this to survive because you didnt have a choice. So I'm sorry. It's hard not to lash out at someone when you feel so strongly about something.
BlackBackedJackal Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
It may be hard not to last out, but you still could use some self-control. You have to learn to pick and choose your battles, especially when you don't understand someone's motives. Getting emotional over something is never the best way to start an argument. Even if you don't agree, it's best to be calm and rational.
reckIess Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Student Photographer
Yeah, I definitely understand getting very emotional and feeling very strongly about something- that is how I am on this topic, and I definitely understand your coati being such a strong and important part of your life- that is how my chickens and other animals are (I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, three rabbits, and ten chickens!). But I try to stop, think, and approach the matter calmly and explain why I feel some way, rather than attacking the person!

But the thing is, myself, and most of the people commenting here, are admiring Codie for his beauty because we appreciate both life and death. Despite being dead, Codie is a beautiful animal. Trust me, I'd rather fawn over a living coati- they're absolutely wonderful and I love watching videos of them (sadly I have never seen one in person :C)... but I can also love, appreciate, and fawn over Codie too, despite him not being alive. And as you see- I acknowledge he was alive, I do not act as if he is an "it" and whatnot...

I contacted the seller and they told me he was killed, most likely for population control, in Arizona, so it was a legitimate reason, and I definitely appreciate the fact he was preserved and not left to rot and decay away (I believe in Arizona people have to have a license and can only take one..?). I am sure they found many uses for his skeleton and meat as well- these things are all great educational tools as well. I teach many people about Coatimundi by using Codie- most people would have never known what he is and had never would have gotten the chance to feel one if it weren't for him. I do love him so much- he might as well be alive- that is how much.

I understand if you still do not support population control and whatnot- I would never push that on someone, but please know that most taxidermy supporters/lovers love the animals living a lot more than dead, and that is why they like to preserve the beauty of them instead of them wasting away! I love living animals so much... I even had a few phases of "I must go vegetarian! Animal rights!"... but then I did my research and found appreciation and whatnot for the dead and animal preservation. I actually am working towards becoming a Taxidermist because I love animals, but I would also like to find a career where I can work with living animals as well C:
dMaterialize Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student General Artist
aww I love coati :3 Nice find
reckIess Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Photographer
<333 me too c: thank you.
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